Smart Container

Smart Container


In today’s just-in-time agile supply chains operating lean delivery schedules is vital. At the root of most logistic issues is the lack of reliability in monitoring global freight movement. There are many facets in the end-to-end chain, with over hundreds of touch points and dozens of different entities – forwarders, in-land freight handlers, port operators, consignees, customs, shipping lines, ship-owners, marine insurers to warehousing.

The major frustration of shippers is the inability to obtain real-time visibility of their container shipments. Broken flows creates a range of problems from meeting order demands in time, finding the right storage space, adjusting transport provisions to understanding where goods have got stuck in the process. To simply finding where your goods are in a sprawling port with a bewildering number of other containers.
All this leads to significant operational costs and ties up valuable cash-flow and your customer satisfaction levels plummet when things go wrong.

By using our smart real-time container tracking solution with Virtual Reality, we can help you alleviate these problems, all for a small investment that can yield huge customer services improvements and continued patronage. Our affordable packages are based on single cost structure on 12, 24, 36,48 months terms, which include communication, battery replacement option and 12 months warranty.

We can even arrange enhanced insurance as part of the solution.

Just activate the device, add it to your goods or affix securely to the container. You can then create real-time notifications on operating environment conditions or geo-point alerts from originating warehouse to port to the final delivery location, effortlessly.

Our powerful AI engine provides predictive insights on your shipping data. This empowers your firm to create operational efficiencies that even NASA would be proud to have!


Our Solution Delivers the following Benefits

  • Compresses transportation lead times and save lost days in shipping issues and delays
  • Improve stock holder and reduce minimum order levels with better stock supply management
  • Reduce manual monitoring and focus on exception based managed – saving man-power effort
  • Improve direct visibility for your customer to directly track and trace their goods
  • Reduce call volumes into operations and allow your teams to focus on value creating activities
  • Create empirical data history to better manage your logistics department and optimize best routes based on your real data insights
  • Mitigate supplier late delivery penalties by pin-pointing failures in the supply flows
  • As result of our expertise in low-power and complex communication solutions, our solution will probably out perform and last longer than many of the supplier in today’s market.
  • Plug and Play our solution straight out of the box!

Why not give us the opportunity to hold true to our words, so your customers can true to yours