5+ Reasons to be Excited about the new Enviro Data Logger
Data Logger

5+ Reasons to be Excited about the new Enviro Data Logger

We all know Data Loggers are required by many specific industries, like pharmaceutical, heavy equipment, and Oil and Gas Industry. Data Loggers are used to ensure agreement in industry-specific regulations, environmental and quality control procedures. They have the ability to tell you when things go wrong and can be used in dangerous and remote situations. With data loggers, you can determine near real-time information on handling location and identify when a loss is accrued.
If you are considering buying a new, environmental data logger, we would recommend Enviro - our new sleek device, which can be used for efficient, accurate and cost-effective data collection. Here are a few reasons why you should be excited about Enviro:
1. Easily transferred data with no special software used

Enviro will make your life easier. It is extremely easy to use and it doesn’t require any special software. The best thing about this data logger is that all you need in order to control everything on any given time is to download a simple app. Once you do this, you will be able to log the start and end journey locations. You can monitor the shipment, temperature and humidity with a single range of alert monitoring. Thanks to the app, you can have a daily reports delivered automatically. Also, you can access your reports quickly and easily and also upload or archive them in our cloud management system. If that is not an option for you, Enviro gives you another choice – to interface your reports directly with your internal business systems via a secure connection.

2. Single and Multiple Recording Option

Built to satisfy everyone’s needs, Enviro gives you option for Single and Multiple Recording. Now, you can record the parameters you need, set up to 5 alarms and track and save data in real-time.

3. Small Packaging

One of the issues people face with regards to data loggers is the packaging. You can find Enviro in a small packaging, which makes it compact and easy to transport.

4. Quick and Easy Reports

With Enviro, you can get your reports quickly and easy. Enviro’s smartphone application is specially designed for ease of use with multiple levels of access. You can receive your reports in real-time including asset and shipment details, then easily transfer them in a cloud management system, or interface to your internal business system via secure connection.

5. 5 Different Sensors in One Device - Enviro

Enviro has 7 different sensors built-in to it, this makes it highly customizable so you can use it in multiple different scenarios and use cases.

  • Digital Thermometer and Thermostat with a resolution of 9bit and 12bit and an operating temperature range from -55 to +125 Celsius degrees.
  • Track the light with Ambient Light Sensor. It has a resolution of 22 bit dynamic range and an operating measurement range from -44 to +85 Celsius degrees, which makes it perfect for outdoor tracking. With Enviro, be precise and receive accurate reports of the assets that you are tracking.
  • The humidity and temperature sensor has a resolution of 0.01 %RH/0.01 °C , and accuracy from ±2 %RH to ±0.2 °C. This sensor has an operating temperature range from -40 to +125°C.
  • With a 16bit and operating temperature range from -40 to +85°C of its Tri-Axis Digital Accelerometer, detect the key part in your projects like orientation, motion and gesture.
  • The pressure sensor of Enviro has 20bit resolution, its operational range starts from 20 to 110 kPa, and its calibrated range is 50 to 110 kPa.
6. Long Battery Life and Real Time Clock Module

You can make sure that Enviro won’t leave you in the middle of your work. Thanks to its long battery life, you can measure data for days, and with its real-time clock module you can keep track of the current year, month, day and time.

If you want an affordable, yet quality product designed and built in the UK by scientists with more than 25 years of experience, then Enviro is the data logger designed exactly for you and your needs.