Meet Enviro

  • Hybrid data logger with both continuous and remote capabilities
  • Condition Based Monitoring of assets
  • 5-in-1 device with a range of high precision sensors
  • BLE alongside extreme power efficiency, no cables and no hassle

Enviro’s Key Benefits

Unlimited Customizable Reports

Custom reports can easily be generated whenever you need using the Enviro platform. These reports can be exported and accessed in multiple formats.

Asset Association

The platform allows you to easily associate your asset and shipment details at any point in time. This makes it really easy to find your assets at any time.

Unlimited Use Cases

The variety of sensors in the device allows a wide range of use cases just by editing the sensor profiles. Got a new use case? Its as easy as changing a setting!

Extreme Power Efficiency

Enviro is designed with the research and experience of over 25 years. This brings a wealth of optimizations to the design of the device and custom firmware.

Compact and Easy to Use

The range of Enviro models come in various sizes. This means that if you have a size constraint, we already have a model that completely fits your needs.

Off-grid Applicability

Enviro’s design and protocols allow it to gather data in off-grid locations and log it for you. You can then process it at your own convenience.

What’s in it for You?

Ease of mind

Enviro takes the hassle out of your hands and gives you your data how and when you want. Exports are quick and simple and your data can be streamed to your own business platform if needed.

Actionable insights

Enviro enables you to have deep insights into your assets and platform. Condition based monitoring allows you to maintain your devices and our insights tool gives you a new overview of your data.


Enviro has a huge range of sensors that you can enable and disable at your own leisure. Does your use case require temperature insights? That’s as simple as enabling the thermometer module and gathering your data. This is the same for all the other sensors on the device.

Next-Gen tech at your service

Enviro is built with the next generation of technology in mind. The device interfaces with any smartphone device through an application and is completely wireless. This makes it convenient to use while future proofing it as well.