Meet Kina

  • Energy optimized Sigfox asset tracker, years of battery life on one charge 
  • Bluetooth stack with an accompanying smartphone app keeps you completely wireless 
  • Remote logging with alarms and notifications 
  • Set up once and forget about it 
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Kina’s Key Benefits

GPS Positioning and Geofence

Kina allows you to accurately track your assets over wide geographical regions and set up self-managed alarms whenever an asset leaves its designated area. You then get alerts whenever an asset breaches these.

Battery Efficient

Due to the hardware design, Kina can last up to 4 years without a recharge or any interventions. The various casing options also make it weather resistant. All of this comes together to build a hardy device.

Low Cost

The combination of Sigfox and BLE allows a huge amount of cost savings in operational costs of this device. This translates directly into a lower costs and high profitability towards your use of the Kina Platform.

Plug & Play

The platform is designed to be easily picked up and integrated into any existing use cases and requirements. With the high level of customization options available Kina is sure to meet your asset tracking requirements.

Logistics Insights & Visibility

The Kina platform provides you with actionable insights into your logistics chain. Each interaction within your supply and logistics chain becomes visible and decisions can be actioned on real data at any time.

Extendable Data

The data structure used within the platform can easily be edited to suite your specific needs and requirements. There's a wealth of pre-built configurability within the device and additional customizations can be done.

What’s in it for You?


Kina puts all the controls in your hands. There is a high level of customization that is directly built into the device and its firmware. Switching the device from one use case to another is therefore a simple matter of changing your current settings.


Our products are crafted for reliability, highly efficient power management, component longevity and optimised to be highly performant from data processing to antenna reception for improved location accuracy, all fine-tuned to meet your company's specific needs.

Smart Control

Automated rules and controls help you to save costs and increase safety and productivity. The devices are designed to be used in tracking valuable equipment or fragile goods transports, monitoring cold chains though to machine and vehicle maintenance intervals to locating your asset or identifying containers at the docks.

Next-Gen tech at your service

Kina is built with the next generation of technology in mind. The device interfaces with any smartphone device through an application and is completely wireless. This makes it convenient to use while future proofing it as well.
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