Change and project management

As change agents, we’ve helped many of our clients to design, plan, manage and execute a transformation from old to shiny new ways of working. We passionately own the outcome to deliver tangible benefits for global organizations from outsource business process to remote tech development and delivery. 

Our project management process is designed to work with our clients from the very beginning of a project through to its full completion. We also provide a wide range of consultancy services designed to accommodate the requirements and needs of any client. 

Software Solutions 

We provide you with software development services that will enhance your unique value proposition and differentiate your business in any competitive environment. As a Google partner for over five years we have built cloud-based solutions.

We can offer our support in developing highly scalable software solutions for you with Big Data, Analytics and Intelligence at the core.


Smart Insurance

Collecting data on consumers is standard business practice for modern insurance companies. But despite the treasure trove of data they possess, insurance companies so far have struggled to obtain the kind of useful information enabling them to make effective discount and rebate offers for customers.  We provide you a solution to this problem.

With the use of connected devices, we help insurance companies understand individual level of risk and craft a personalized level of insight into all manner of activities and behavior with an end-to-end solution aiming to reduce costs and improve services offered. 

Improved Asset Utilization

To improve ROI and respond to customer demands for faster supply at lower cost, we are working with a large manufacture and logistics player to develop  actionable insights and provide secure, near real-time location data with state-of-the-art IoT devices. 

Asset utilization directly contributes to the bottom line by helping you confirm whether or not equipment is performing at peak availability, performance and quality. 


Remote IoT devices

The world is getting reliant on the internet. Clients who are seeking to shift the bar in Radio/Communications and battery-operated designs, where both low power consumption and long battery life is essential using BLE, Bluetooth, Sigfox, Mesh and NBIOT solutions.

With a properly connected IoT network of devices and the right specialized software, businesses can remotely monitor all of their data-gathering devices, machines and sensors and know exactly what’s happening in their business with greater efficiency and accuracy.